Key Working

The staff team, in particular, gain great credit for their dedication and commitment to becoming Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA) Practitioners, thus allowing CARP to be one of few teams in Dublin 24 to have:

Key working in CARP

Your key worker in CARP will meet you initially to complete an intake assessment and evaluate your suitability for the individual services CARP provides. The key worker will provide a comprehensive introduction to the services that CARP offers to prospective clients to best meet your needs as someone who has decided to engage with CARP. Following this assessment, your key worker will meet you weekly at an agreed time for a 50-minute session, usually for a block of 6 weeks.

When the 6 sessions are complete, a review of progress will be undertaken, and a detailed review and evaluation between you and your key worker will seek to develop a strategy regarding the most suitable next step for you in your recovery from substance misuse.

A Keyworker sets out to assist clients from a holistic perspective incorporating practical life skills such as access to education, social welfare, accessing drug rehabilitation services and detox programmes both in the community and in designated services nationwide. A key worker will also utilise therapeutic interventions and strategies to meet the targets of the agreed care plan set out during the assessment.

  • Meet you regularly; generally, weekly, this will be assessed and agreed upon by the client and key worker during an assessment. (How often varies depending on how much you need at the time).
  • Draw up the care plan with you in conjunction with any relevant stakeholders (if required)
  • Coordinate the delivery of the plan to help you achieve the goals set out in the plan over an agreed time frame
  • Be present at various meetings/appointments if requested.
  • Answer your questions about the service and, if required, helping you navigate the service to get the treatment you need.
  • Assist you with the interpretation of assessment results or outcomes of meetings.
  • Work with your family if needed (with your permission).
  • Key workers can utilise therapeutic elements to compliment the nature of the work that you, as the client, engages within CARP as part of your care plan or recovery program

A full staff team trained and accredited in evidence-based practice.

Clients from all programmes are offered key working and case management using this approach.

Operating hours:
9am – 4:30pm Monday to Friday