Community Addiction Response Programme

Supporting & responding to the needs of individuals, families and local communities impacted by substance misuse through prevention, rehabilitation and family support programmes. 

About Us

CARP, Killinarden, Tallaght


CARP began its work in July of 1995 as a response to drug issues in Killinarden Tallaght. CARP was a partnership between parents of individuals who engaged in substance misuse, meeting regularly since October 1994, and Killinarden Community Council. We became a registered company in December 1997.
CARP has a non-judgmental approach to individual drug use; we have an open-door policy which means our doors are always open to anyone, as we understand that it takes great courage to walk through our doors. We will continue to identify and address the need to support and respond to emerging drug trends. We work cohesively in responding to the needs of individuals, families and local communities impacted by substance misuse through prevention, rehabilitation and family support programmes.

Our Mission

CARP is a community-focused addiction response programme that uses evidence-based approaches to assist anyone who seeks support. CARP has a proud history of working on addiction issues with the community since 1995. We are distinguished by adopting the Community Reinforcement Approach in which our staff and volunteers are trained. We aim to provide the highest quality support, treatment and advice in a confidential setting in which our clients from all backgrounds feel welcome and safe. Our success is measured by our high level of professionalism and commitment to best practice in all that we do.

Our Vision

Our vision is to continue to provide a safe space in which people from all backgrounds can find effective support for their addiction issues; where families affected by substance misuse can positively address their challenges; where young people have the opportunity to build resilience, and where our doors are fully open to our local community.

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At CARP we offer a wide range of services to those in our community
affected directly and indirectly by substance abuse.

Youth Services

CARP’S youth services work with young people in the community aged 12 to 25 years of age that are struggling with an addiction or at risk of engaging in substance misuse.

Family Therapy

Family therapy offers families an approach to build or maintain a healthy, functional family.

Family Support

Carp have worked collaboratively with Whitechurch Addiction Support Programme (WASP) to offer a family support group.

Methadone Clinic

CARP facilitates four HSE appointed doctors to provide this service. Individuals struggling with opioid addiction attend to see an HSE doctor and receive Methadone maintenance treatment. Carp’s methadone maintenance clinics are scripting clinics only, and we do not dispense medication

Addiction Counselling

CARP provides Addiction Counselling, and this takes place in a one-on-one setting. The one to one setting is a safe space that provides the client with a confidential opportunity to discuss their relationship with substances and the impact it is having on their life and the life of others they care about.


Slanú is a Special Category Community Employment Scheme for 18-25-year-olds that aims to provide rehabilitative support and vocational training to help stabilise drug misusers.

Urinanalysis/Drug Testing

Although this service is a routine part of our Methadone clinic, it is also available for service users who may require urinalysis for other purposes.

Needle exchange/Harm Reduction

CARP offers a free of charge needle exchange service, providing clean injecting and smoking equipment. We also support anyone who wishes to reduce their use and seek advice about unsafe use. Harm reduction can be described as a set of practical approaches to reduce negative consequences associated with drug use.

Crack Cocaine Programme

This programme incorporates evidenced based approaches and non-judgemental engagement to support women where they are at in their life.

Polish Counselling

With the introduction of a Polish addiction support service here in CARP in 2013, we looked too engaged with and expand this support by offering, the Alcohol Anonymous fellowships space to offer a weekly support group.

Fellowship Meetings

CARP provides a space for individuals to share their experiences, strengths and hopes with the aim of recovering from addictive behaviours.

Homeless Drop In

This service is for people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in Tallaght and the surrounding areas.

Key Working

CARP is one of few teams in Dublin 24 to have a full staff team trained and accredited in evidence based practice.

Need to engage our services?

Our services are available to individuals, families and local communities impacted by substance misuse.

CARP has a non-judgmental approach and an open-door policy.

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At CARP we rely on funding from the government and also on the kindness and generosity of others so that we can continue to provide our services.
All money raised goes directly towards training our staff and enhancing our services so that we can make a real difference in our community.