Slanú is a Special Category Community Employment Scheme for 18-27 year olds that aims to provide rehabilitative support and vocational training to help stabilise drug misusers.

Slanú offers stability, routine and rehabilitation as part of its developmental programmes and referrals are welcomed from relevant statutory or community and voluntary support services alongside self-referrals.

Our assessment process is conducted over a three week period:

  • Initial Assessment
  • Comprehensive Assessment / Risk Assessment
  • One to One Session (Goal Setting)

Weekly times: Monday 10:30am to 1pm, Tuesday to Friday 10:30am to 3:30pm.


We endeavour to work with the whole person in all areas of their life.

Our programme consists of the following :regular therapeutic groups, addiction awareness and harm reduction, relapse prevention, anger management, anxiety stress management, sexual health, offending behaviour, health, fitness and nutrition, etc.

We also provide FETAC accredited courses, life skills and progression pathways. Alongside the workshops and modules each person receives regular one to one key working sessions whereby a care plan is developed with an emphasis on goal setting.

We pride ourselves on using evidence based approaches Community Reinforcement Approach being one of them.

All our staff are trained and accredited in evidence based approaches CRA, ACRA, MI, CBT, and BSFT. We work very close with all other agencies involved in the person’s care, ie Probation, Drug Courts, GPs, Mental Health Teams and family. Many of our referrals are received from the Probation Service and the Drug Courts and this has proven to be a positive outcome for the person.

We will continue to build on our working relationships up with all agencies time/fulltime employment and others progress onto other rehabilitation programmes for continued support.

Make contact with CARP by either calling us on 014626033, emailing or dropping into the building.

Fill out a referral form. This can be done with the staff member you speak to over the phone or the staff member you speak to in the building. Referral forms are available to download from the website also.

After the referral is done an assessment will be arranged as soon as possible. 

Your assessment will then be brought back to the team and a decision will be made around your suitability for the programme.

If you are deemed suitable for the programme, and if there is a space available you will then be invited in to fill out the rest of the paperwork the following week, be shown around the building and answer any questions you might have.

After your paperwork has been sent off to the Department of Social Protection (DSP), you will be provided with a start date. 

The payment for being on the programme is 259.50 each week. 

This is paid in full on the basis that you attend the programme every day, and be on time everyday. All clients are docked from their wage for unexplained missed days and lateness.